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Jaime Chandra Kozlowski
GA Licensed Massage Therapist #7842
NC Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist #7777

My path to becoming a healing arts practitioner started with receiving the work and its many benefits. Starting in my middle teens, I suffered from frequent migranes and other health issues. After working with a student neuromuscular therapist in my early 20's, I found relief from the migranes and more ease in my body. Around the same time, I found yoga and began a dedicated practice. As my practice deepened, my life started to shift until I felt the need to transition out of my career as Information Technology Specialist into a more embodied field.

In October 2006, I attended my first yoga teacher training at Yogaville, Satchidanada Ashram in Buckingham Virginia. This immersion-style residential training, involved living a complete yogic lifestyle for a month at the Ashram.

Recently, I completed an in-depth 18 month Anusara Yoga teacher training. Anusara is a heart-oriented and biomechanical style of yoga that focuses on alignment and balanced action. This particular style of yoga is extremely therapeutic and I integrate the Principles of Alignment into all of my sessions.

I received my massage therapy training at the Body Therapy Institute, a COMTA (Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation) accredited school. I graduated in October 2007 at the beautiful Southwind Farm in Silk Hope (Siler City), NC.


Right after graduation, I began working with Dr. Tom Motyka, DO in his Osteopathic Medical Arts practice, helping chronic pain patients heal. This experience fully engaged all parts of my knowledge, skill, and intuition. I am proud to say, that I saw many of my patients feel better in a handful of sessions. Due to complications with insurance, I am no longer at this establishment.

I currently work with Dr. Mindy Bradshhaw, DC in her Back Solutions Chiopractic practice, helping people come into better alignment after car accidents or as a result of years of misuse. Many of my patients learn how to stand properly for the first time and often report back to me a dramatic shift in their condition.

As I build my private practice, I do so with the utmost pleasure and enthusiasm. I truly enjoy helping people find a state of deep releaxation that allows their body to heal and a newfound body awareness that starts them along a path to wellness. Each time a client has a new awareness about their body or notices something completely new, my heart smiles. I am truly blessed to be in this line of work.

The body is my passion, so I am committed to expanding my knowledge by engaging in self study and continuing education courses. Education is a priority, both for myself and my clients.

I am North Carolina Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist (#7777), Georgia Licensed Massage Therapist #7842, and Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork. I am insured and a certified member of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP).


Mission Statement

Through the practices of massage, yoga, and mindfulness-based stress reduction, I aim to facilitate the feelings of joy, ease, freedom, and bliss in each human being that I work with. I offer a safe healing space where I meet each client as an equal on his or her terms. I believe each person has a radiant innate wisdom and I am committed to educating clients in self-healing methods to empower them to nurture their own natural state of perfect health.

My Personal Values

  • I am dedicated to holistic health, organic living, socially conscious practices, authentic relationships, and mindfulness.
  • Through my ongoing yoga practice, experience as a bodyworker, and yoga instructor, I aim to deepen my understanding of optimum structure and easeful movement.
  • I believe that we manifest our thoughts and that it is necessary to work through the body to heal the mind.
  • I am committed to independent study, keeping up to date on research, and receiving advanced training in order to best serve my clients as well as my passion for knowledge.
  • My goal is to educate my clients in a way to help them achieve their optimum health and wellness goals through self-care recommendations and referrals. I wish to faciliate the change my clients desire.


Jaime Chandra Kozlowski
Massage Therapist, Structural Bodywork, Yoga Therapy

1955 Cliff Valley Way NE
Atlanta, GA 30329

Near Brookhaven, North Druid Hills, Emory, Briarcliff, & Buckhead

Professional Member & Insured by Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork
Licenses: NC LMBT #7777 & GA LMT #7842
Registered Yoga Teacher