A little about me!


I’m Jaime, a dynamic professional with over 24 years of experience combining marketing, communications, sales, project management, technical training and support, information technology, business development, graphic design, and web development. I love to streamline processes and find new ways to boost market visibility. My goal is to facilitate joyful experiences and communication that increase client and stakeholder satisfaction.

My communications philosophy is to make it fun, keep it simple, and be as clear as humanly possible.

People are the reason we do what we do!

I am a highly effective communicator with a keen ability to teach and distill complex information for non-technical professionals and clients. My diverse technical skills include a wide range of apps and I’m a quick study when it comes to learning new technologies and industries. All of my former colleagues and bosses will say that I am a proactive leader and goal-oriented team player who knows how to focus a project to success and have fun doing it.

I invite you to connect with me on LinkedIn or to send me an e-mail.

I look forward to meeting you!