Design + Tech + People

Portfolio and explanation of selected skills:

Content that people want to read: keep it simple, know your audience, and make it fun.

Presentations that excite: no one wants to listen to someone read wordy slides. Design aesthetics can bring any presentation to life. Remember: less is more, humor is king, and people love to be engaged. Don’t talk AT people, discuss WITH them.

Educational resources that inspire: from flyers to brochures to toolkits, what you say is almost as important as how you say it. If no one reads the information, what is the point of producing it?

  • Reproductive Coercion Toolkit – a multi-organization grant-funded collaboration produced in both English and Spanish (only english linked here.) I produced both print and digital versions for distribution at women’s health clinics around the United States.
  • Rape Culture Pyramid – infographic for 11th Principle: Consent! that was refined over 3 years that went viral with global reach, volunteers translating into different languages, and inclusion in multiple academic textbooks, research articles, activist books, presentations, and more.

Brand identities to remember: make a lasting impression through memorable logos, color stories, style and fonts. Branding guidelines, staff training, and easy to access resources to create cross-department compliance and buy in that ensures brand consistency.

SWAG aka Stuff We All Get: everyone loves free stuff! Choosing the right products to brand can mean your company name embeds in their brain over the course of years. After producing hundreds of SWAG collateral, I know what works and what will bring a positive ROI.

Print production that looks great the first time. Let’s be real: translating color from digital to print can present many challenges. As a 21+ year print veteran, my experience can save time, money, and paper from the recycling bin. I am an expert study in Purple! From violet to eggplant to magenta-purple, the color blend range that we refer to as purple is the most challenging to re-produce in print.

Awareness campaigns that change the world: know where you have a captive audience! Remember, people love to wear messaging they believe in and aesthetics reign supreme.

Process improvement and standardization for optimal happiness: efficiency is not just about profit, but also satisfaction and morale. Antiquated systems without consistency frustrate and slow workflow. Find freedom and joy with clarity with SOP’s (standard operating procedures), organizational strategies, and standardized naming conventions.

Put technology to work: yes, learning and implementing new tech is worth it especially with the constant evolution of Artificial Intelligence and cutting edge generative tools. Needs assessments, research, testing, and training are all critical for successful deployment and employee buy-in. Increase the productivity and effectiveness of the entire organization.

Proposals that impress: why submit near endless pages of boring text? Layout and design aesthetics bring documents to life, especially when they are 35-50+ pages long. Keep it simple! Enjoy brevity and readability by leveraging the fine arts of editing and formatting.